Submissions FAQ

Q. When is the festival?
A. Our 2017 festival will be held on Friday 10th & Saturday 11th March at Greenwich University, London.

Q. What’s the maximum film length?
A. Whilst we appreciate the efforts of filmmakers who manage feature length films on shoestring student budgets, we can sadly only show films of a maximum of 20 minutes total running time! This is non-negotiable and includes credits/title sequences.

Q. Does it cost anything to submit my film(s) to Screentest?
A.  Absolutely not!  Screentest has always been 100% free to submit.  Promoting and exhibiting national student film talent is our pleasure, and we do not want to exclude any student filmmaker.  So, no excuses, submit your film!

Q. When is the submission deadline?
A. Submissions must be received by Sunday 18th December 2016 via our online entry form. If you have any problems submitting to us, please let us know (but don’t wait until December 18th to tell us!!).

Q. Can I submit more than one film?
A. Yes please!!

Q. Do I need to submit a new form for each film I submit?
A. Again, yes please. We need to know the individual info for each entry, even if your personal details remain the same.

Q. I work or am involved with a University/College/School/Film Society and need to submit a large batch of films, what do I do?
A. Please email us at and we will discuss how best to submit en masse.

Q. I am now graduated/no longer a student, can I still submit my old student films?
A. Yes! As long as the film was made whilst you were a student, we’d love to see it.

Q. When will I find out if my film is selected for the Screentest 2017 festival programme?
A. We will be in touch with all submitters during January 2017.

Q. When will the nominations be named?
A. February 2017.

Q. When will the Screentest 2017 programme be made public?
A. With fingers crossed we aim to get this to you by mid-February 2017.

Q. Who are the judges?
A. Right now… we don’t know! But keep an eye on our ‘Judges’ page for more information, as and when we have it.

Q. What is the preferred digital file type for submission if submitting via WeTransfer?  
A. A Quicktime .mov file encoded with H.264. We can handle others but this may result in mixed quality screening (and we want to show your films in the best possible way!).

Q. How do I compress my film?
A. Click here for a decent how-to with Final Cut Pro.  The look of the export menus may be different in your own preferred editing programme, but the settings would still be the same.  Make sure the export frame rate matches your footage frame rate.  If you have any other suggestions you would like to share with everyone, or if you need some assistance, please get in-touch emailing

Q. How many films typically screen from those that were submitted?
A. Last year we received over 350 submissions and screened well over 100. We aim to be an open film festival, screening as many student made shorts as we can over our weekend festival.

Q. I am certain my film doesn’t fit into any of the genre’s listed on the submission form, or it crosses two genres – what can I do?
A. It’s always problematic because we generally screen by genre. Just put the closest genre that you think your film fits and send us an email to with your film title and the issue and we’ll work out together where we think it can best be screened. Occasionally, if we feel your film sits best in another genre, we may also ask you if we can change it too..

Q.  Any other query?
A.  Please email us at!  We’d like to think we are a friendly bunch!