2013 Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the Screentest 2013 winners!

Best Film:  Pantheon by Frederick Lloyd
Best Drama:  CODA by Jonathan Tomlin
Best Comedy:  The Eternal Not by Joe Spray
Best Documentary:  Born Positive by Carla Simón
Best Thriller/Horror:  Daisy’s Dolls by Omiros Vazos
Best Music Video:  Famous by Charlie James Reader
Best Animation:  The Lonely Mountain by Rachael Olga Lloyd
Best Experimental Film:  Outsiding by Pablo Segovia
Best Performances (ensemble):  Rocket Boys
Best Cinematography:  The Wild Colours of Cuba by Tania Escobar
Best Script:  The Eternal Not by Lucinda Coxon
Best Score:  Pantheon by Ursine Vulpine
Best Production Design:  Pantheon by Francis Fagan