Screentest 2006

Screentest 2006

Taking place over the 17th, 18th and 19th of March in Bristol, the second year of Screentest showcased 80 films from 20 different Universities.

The festival was opened on Friday the 17th by BAFTA Chairman Duncan Kenworthy. After his initial speech a Q&A session began with Duncan discussing the future of British film, his experience producing films such as Love Actually, and the role of BAFTA in the film community.

Saturday saw a plethora of outstanding speakers including our keynote speaker Director Ken Loach, Palme D’Or winner 2006. Again this session became open to the floor for Q&As and was perhaps the most inspirational part of the festival.

Also speaking on Saturday was Peter Owens, an Oscar-Nominated make-up artist. He managed to give a window in his jet-set diary to deliver a frank and extremely entertaining question and answer session on his background and experiences. Students heard everything from his anecdotes about particular A-list stars, through to the stress of managing all the make-up on Lord of the Rings.

The final speaker of the festival was Elliot Grove, Director of Raindance Film Festival. Attendees were treated to Raindance’s outstanding 99 Minute Film School, giving them an invaluable insight into how to operate in the Film world and see their films to completion.

Other speakers included freelance director and producer Mark Wescott and independent film director Chris Cook. Both offered their experience and guidance by showing students how to start a career in film and how to make the transition from student filmmaker to professional filmmaker.

The presence of the UK Film Council was a considerable highlight of the weekend. They sent a trained careers advisor to the weekend, who gave one-on-one sessions to students on the best next steps for their careers after student filmmaking.
Lock In

On top of the multiple screenings of student films, Screentest also attracted two premieres of British indie films “The Penalty King” and “The Battersea Ripper”. Aside from these events, our most popular highlights were our Lock-In Screening and the Screentest Awards. The Lock-In took place at the stroke of midnight at Odeon Bristol and exposed its sell-out crowd to the darkest and most challenging films from the festival. The Screentest Awards was an all-out celebration of the films submitted to the festival and the filmmakers who had attended. A crew of fifteen completely overhauled Bristol’s Anson Rooms into a glitzy auditorium, where prizes and free beer (courtesy of Cobra) were handed out.

Screentest 2006 Winners

Best Documentary
Operation Bubblewrap – Lancaster University
Director: Daniel Dewsbury
Producer: Joby Lubman

Best Animation
It Fell From The Sky – University of Westminster
Animator: Jason Ruddy

Best Script

Frige Poetry – Queen’s University, Belfast
Director: Rebecca Graff
Producer: Eoin Cleland
Executive Producer: Sharron McConville

Best Fiction
Before Midnight – Univesity of Kent
Director: Max Blustin
Producer: Andrew Hauser

Technical Achievment
Canformity – Canterbury Christ Church University
Animator: Ben Satchfield

SubTV Award
Swipe – University of Kent
Director: Max Blustin

Grand Jury
Canformity – Canterbury Christ Church University
Animator: Ben Satchfield

Best Film
Sacrifice – Liverpool Hope University
Director: Ryan Doyle
Producer: Anthony Doyle

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