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The Festival is held annually over a weekend in Autumn and features a programme of not only over 100 student-made short films but also talks, workshops and bespoke screenings from a range of film industry organisations, including BAFTA and The BFI. The weekend’s highlight (aside from every single one of our superb films!) is our Awards ceremony, held on the Saturday evening, celebrating the best of student filmmaking from all over the UK.


So have a browse of our website, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and most importantly buy a ticket and come on down to our Festival, where we can promise an exciting and eclectic programme of films you won’t see anywhere else.

If there are any questions or you’d like to get involved in some way, shape or form (we’re always looking for Committee members, volunteers and sponsors!) then feel free to send us an email:


Screentest is composed of a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to bringing out the best of the festival. The committee is mostly composed of other students although sometimes previous members who are no longer students return. The festival and committee are watched over by the Trustees who ensure the future of the festival.

Our Team

Festival Director

 Levi De Sousa

Head  of Graphic Design

Telmo Sousa

Social Media Team

Jamie Hennessey

Social Media Team

Adam Wawrety

Assistant Festival Director

 Juliana Naples

Head of Panels

Rebecca Gliddon

Festival Support Officer

Harry Hibbert

Head of Social Media

Parker Staff

Social Media Team

George Watton

Event Team

Angel Marinov

Panels Team

Masha Fistal

Event Team

Amy Kellie

Event Team

Jose Flores

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