Tickets FAQ

Q:  I submitted a film to Screentest this year, am I eligible for a tickets discount?
A:  Yes, please email for a voucher code.

Q:  I submitted my film to Screentest, and my crew and I want to attend the festival.  Can my whole film crew receive a tickets discount?
A:  Sadly not. Whilst we’d love to let you all in for free we rely on ticket sales to keep the festival running.Q:  Are large groups eligible for ticket discounts?
A:  Groups of ten or more are yes. Email with your enquiry and group details.

Q:  I’ve purchased my ticket.  Now what?
A:  We’ve got your details on a santa-esque list. We don’t know if you’ve been naughty or nice but we do know that you’re coming along and we look forward to seeing you! Just head to the box office when you get here and you’re set to go.

Q:  I have another question that is not answered here, who do I ask?
A:  Send an email to

Q:  I want to meet the Screentest crew and buy you lots of drinks.  Are you up for that?

A:  Absolutely.